Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Soil not Oil": Environmental Justice in an Age of Climate Crisis

The triple whammy of energy, food and water crisis has certainly taken centre stage. All of which are the fallout of wide-reaching policies of the World Bank, local mismanagement and undoubtedly the vagaries of climate change!

The world over, advocates of change are taking to writing eco books with an unprecedented fervor..... as green writing emerges as the hottest selling item on websites and bookstores. As an avid reader of eco books I was spoilt for choice, for the span of eco writing today is indeed eclectic.

So I picked up a book by an author whom I have been admiring for the past couple of years, Vandana Shiva. She maybe written more for her trademark large bindi by the Indian media, but is much respected and admired by journos and the eco brigade the world over.

An environmental activist, a physicist and an author, Dr. Vandana Shiva, has shaken up the scientific world with her advocacy of vedic ecology and back-to-the-traditional agricultural practices. She has offered the age-old vedic practices as the ultimate answer to the current global food crisis.

Founder of the Navdanya movement, Dr Shiva has taken her theories worldwide through her many publications and discourses. Widely acclaimed for her bold and visionary analysis of the present world crisis, the author reveals how food, oil and climate are all connected, in her recent publication "Soil not Oil" [South End Press].

SOIL NOT OIL. Just like her hallmark no holds barred writing, the name of her latest book is crisp and incisive. The book dares the reader to revert to conventional agricultural practices based on environmental justice. It not only examines how industrial agriculture has become a recipe for ecological and economic disaster, but also proposes how a world beyond dependence on fossil fuels and globalization is both POSSIBLE and NECESSARY.

Unlike many books that simply highlight the issues grappling the society, this book, also offers a sustainable solution ..... based on diversity and the small scale independent farming.

The book is for everyone who takes the planet seriously. It lays out principles for feeding the planet in a socially just and environmentally sound manner with power-packed convictions. Moving beyond the present crisis, Dr. Shiva also examines how an alternative to the industrialized, globalized food system based on OIL can be created.

A powerful presentation addressing the world's most pressing problems, SOIL NOT OIL is bound to rouse the radical in every socially concerned and free-thinking individual. A must read not just for the social activist and economist, but also for the cognizance of the global citizen.

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